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Interview with an Influencer


Hello Readers,

Welcome to this much interesting blog page about a discussion with one of the growing online tutor on the computer programming space.

Well, YES – this is going to be an interesting blog for many of the techies right over there, where they could learn the experiences of this Tutor and grows as an influencer among the other tutors over there in the market.

OK – well with no more delay in breaking the suspense, here you go. We are talking about the much hyped growing online tutor who is also an Influencer, Michael, a programming expert.


Ganesh Sundar: WELCOME Michael. Thank you for accepting my invite and coming here to spend some time to discuss about your passion and career in your life.

Michael: THANK YOU! I am in fact delighted to have my presence here to share some of my experiences in my personal and career life.

Ganesh Sundar: GREAT! Well, I and my Readers will be excited to know your experiences and hope everyone takes your experiences to their action lists and believe they grow the way you have influenced us with your experiences.

Michael: Sure, I am indeed happy and nothing more can excite me better than seeing people take my experiences and see themselves grow.

Ganesh Sundar: Right! To start with people would be anxious enough to know more about yourself personally. So, Can you let us know something about yourself personally?

Michael: Well, As everyone knows me as Michael, my actual name is Thomas K. Michael. I grew up in a small city in Austin. I did my graduation in Computer Science and was more interested in programming. I was interested to solve many calculations through computer programming. After some years, i started teaching my juniors on programming. It really excited me a lot and hence continued to do through the same.

Ganesh Sundar: Really Interesting! So does that mean it was your Passion?

Michael: Yep, As I mentioned it really excited me more while writing programming codes. It indeed took me to the next level when I started teaching my juniors where my Confidence grew significantly. Nothing more I could expect of in my growing life.

Ganesh Sundar: What type of tutoring modes do you engage?

Michael: Well, I initially started helping my juniors in my free time. Now that it became my passion, I am doing it as a Full time job. So in order to reach many people, I started teaching online since 3 years. Many students even engage with me through Social media for some of their queries.

Ganesh Sundar: What Subjects do you help students in tutoring?

Michael: As I mentioned before, I am excited more on programming and as it is my passion now I am focusing on helping anything related to Computer programming.

Ganesh Sundar: What type of Languages do you help students with?

Michael: I am strong on C, C++, C#, Java. Apart I help on other languages based on the scenario they provide.

Ganesh Sundar: Are you trying to learn on the newer languages like Python, R and other languages that support the new technologies?

Michael: Absolutely YES. It is all about LEARNING. LEARNING and LEARNING. I have been learning all the newer technologies as it is the disrupting the traditional way of working.

Ganesh Sundar: What do you advise the new generation students on learning consistently?

Michael: Well, it is irrespective of any generation, people need to keep themselves up and learning the newer technologies and re-skill themselves to sustain in their workplace.

Ganesh Sundar: Do you think Automation will take away the traditional jobs?

Michael: Not Really is what my perspective is. There are still many jobs that needs manual human intervention and cannot be replaced by any automation or Robots.

Ganesh Sundar: Ok, So what is your plan for next gen kids on helping them solve programming?

Michael: Well, I am working on a draft plan to move this to the next level of teaching through innovative way of learning. New Gen kids always look out for better way of learning and better content. So I am preparing myself to that track.

Ganesh Sundar: Wow! That sounds really interesting and Exciting. So hope we would see that next version soon.

Michael: Yes, i am hoping to have it launched in next 2 months and it is in the testing phase to make sure there is no breakdown in the way the newer technologies has been integrated.

Ganesh Sundar: Great! THANK YOU Michael for your time and sharing your experiences for the readers and the new age techies out there who would like to explore the new technologies.

Michael: My Pleasure. Anytime ready to help people on the programming space.

Hi Readers, hope you have enjoyed this conversation and feel free to leave your comments below. I would be happy to respond to any of your questions.

Stay Safe!

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