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How well you Define your Target Audience determines HALF the success!


Curious to know how to define your Target Audience?

WELL, we too are excited to know how to define the Target Audience. OK, so why is this excitement. How does it answer all our questions. If you have guessed it right from my previous blog, then YES we are talking about the Disruption that is happening in the Digital marketing learning space, the DigitalDeepak’s Internship and Mentorship program. People out there who missed this first internship, watch out for the next internship that might start in February 2020. Don’t MISS it again.

SUCCESS of the First session of Internship Program

Before we could start talking about the second session where Mr. Deepak discusses about finding the Target Audience. Let’s also see some of the accomplishments of the first session that Live on December 18 2019.

As an outcome of the first session, there were 466 approved assignment submission. Imagine what was the submission percentage. It was 87% and for many of whom it was the first time. And you know what excited me more. I was ranked 16 out of 466 submissions.

Promise Delivered!

YES, as mentioned by Mr. Deepak on launching this program, Interns were paid for their successful assignment submission. This shows about the commitment for True Digital Transformation that he mentioned at the launch.

Interns now feel more confident and value for their work and time. Feedback were also provided about their submission which will help improve for their next assignment. Also happy to share snapshot of feedback of my first assignment.

Second session starts with a thought!

It was on December 24th 2019 that the second session started and Mr. Deepak started by mentioning, “Be Grateful for what you are today“. Also cautioned the attendees to turn the mobiles to flight mode in order to avoid distraction. OK, here is what was mentioned by Mr. Deepak on this, “Distraction is more harmful to the brain than drugs.

Learn > Do > Teach


This is one of the best methodology that no one could ever refuse. I strongly believe it. So are you. But do we follow it very aggressively? That has been always a bigger discussion everywhere.

“When you teach, you understand things in a better way”.

In recent days, people wanted to gather as much as information from various resources to make sure they don’t stand out of the talent pool. But does this suffice? There has always been 2 types of people, One, who gains more knowledge from various sources but does not action further.

The growth seems to be slower that the other type of person, who would actually have less knowledge than first person. But this person takes action and sees a rapid growth in his life. Mr. Deepak during the session has also mentioned that mistakes tend to happen and we should not be to much much worried about it.

He further mentioned that once we continue writing the second and third assignment, there will be an improvement in the way we write content. You could also refer to one of his articles, 7 Awesome Things You’re Losing Because You Aren’t Blogging.

Marketing is about good conversations

YES, it’s true. Do you think otherwise? Please feel free to leave your comment at the bottom of this blog.


So when you talk about Digital Marketing, Communication is the key. Mr. Deepak always mentions that Digital Marketing is more about Marketing and less about Digital. You need to be a better communicator in order to be a better marketer.

“If you cannot converse well 1:1, you cannot converse well 1: many”

Also Mr. Deepak mentions that, People who have more Life experiences are Better Marketers. When you try explore the world you tend to learn new things and new languages. When you keep doing new things all the time, you gain more experiences.

Also in order to communicate better you also need to be AUTHENTIC. You need to build the trust among everyone. There has always been a challenge as some people might not like you when you are authentic. Everyone is attracted to someone real. People are tired of fake people with social personas.

Who is your AUDIENCE

YES, finally we are here to identify your Audience. This is the most critical part of your marketing. Until and unless you are clear who is your audience, you might end up spending up time on wrong audience which will not yield you any expected results

“If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience.”

How to Define Your Target Customer

There are 2 main ways of defining your Target Customer:

  1. Demographics
  2. Psychographics

Demographics is all about Age, Location, etc. and Psychographics is all about their interest level, their liking. etc. Demographics can be received through Surveys. Psychographics can also be received through Surveys but also require more of interactions to understand better.


How do you understand their Psychographics and communicate better. Here are the tips that Mr. Deepak has provided to understand effectively:

  1. Write to one single customer at a time.
  2. Though you have a big audience, everyone is alone with their device. Connect with them with 1:1 communication.
  3. Join mental conversations.
  4. That’s why Email / Messaging is more powerful than social media.
  5. Headline > First Sentence > Second Sentence > Third > Fourth.

Most interesting part in this section was that Mr. Deepak did share his way of connecting to his audience. Below are some of them on what he says:

  1. I address people by their first name.
  2. Write emails like I write to a friend.
  3. Join the conversation in their mind [Ex: How do I grow my digital marketing career].
  4. Email marketing is my primary method of communication.
  5. People when they meet me feel like they know me already.
  6. How can I write so well? (I know my target audience well) – Interactions, calls, surveys.

Apart there were 2 other things which are self-defined that Mr. Deepak mentioned are as below:

  1. Focus on the center, not on the border
  2. Awkwardness is an indicator of learning

Customer Avatar

As part of identifying your Audience, and as mentioned above as through Demographics and Psychographics, Survey is the best tool in identifying your Customer Avatar. Do you know your Customer Avatar?

Great! Let’s discuss more about it. Mr. Deepak showed us a demo of how this Survey works. More excitingly this was also a part of our Second Assignment. We had to find our Customer Avatar based on customizing the template based on on our niche. A basic sample of the Survey can be found in this sample link.

Based on the above sample link, which was surveyed among the interns during the session by Mr. Deepak. Below are the screen grab of some of the results:

Kindly note this is just a Sample only

Similarly, Gender, City, Annual income and other details. So when you get all these details through this type of survey, you will be able to define your target audience.

Do you want to know my Customer Avatar. I am really excited to reveal this. Ok before i could reveal the data points, let me tell you what was my niche and how did i approach my customers.

My niche was “Experiencing Awesome Travel memories“. In order to basically define my Target Audience, I did create a similar survey to gain more data points and shared with a small sample size. Based on the data points, below is my target audience defined.

  1. Age group: 20-30 – 66%, 31-40 – 22%, 41-50 – 12%
  2. Gender: Male – 82%, Female – 18%
  3. Married: YES – 26%, NO – 74%
  4. Places to visit: South India – 44%, North India – 28%, East India – 19%, West India – 9%
  5. No. of stay days: 2 days – 84%, 3 days – 16%
  6. Budget: Rs.5000-10000- 48%,Rs.10001-15000- 41%,Rs.15001-20000- 11%

Based on the above data points, hope you are able to make some guesses on my Target Audience. YES, I was able to define my customer audience.

Assignment and Conclusion

And YES, finally we came to the close of the session and Mr. Deepak walked us through the assignment that needs to be completed by next week. The learnings were really impressive.

People out there who haven’t enrolled to this Internship program, let me tell you that this really a mind-blowing program! WATCH out for Announcements sometime around February and this time don’t MISS it as you are missing a best internship program as well as an Mentorship program.

Last but not the least, to everyone’s surprise there was an announcement from Mr. Deepak regarding this program.

There will be a Graduation program held at Bangalore and the top 3 people out of Bangalore will be sponsored with a Flight tickets.

Isn’t this not Exciting? YEAH! Well, stay tuned for more updates. You can also leave your comments below.

You can also contact me in my Gmail here. Also check me out at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

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