23 Jan

What are the essential things while starting your Digital Marketing journey?

Are you a Digital Marketer by Passion or by Chance? And if the answer is by Chance and if you are still struggling to succeed in this wide Digital Marketing space, then you have landed on the RIGHT SPOT. Many people wonder why they are unable to succeed in their Digital Marketing career. WELL, it’s […]

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9 Jan

Mastering the Digital Marketing Tools – DigitalDeepak

Are you on the Digital Marketing Arena, an Expertise on the Digital Marketing process BUT struggling to automate and visualize your marketing efforts? Are you been researching on Google everyday to find the right TOOLS for your Digital Marketing efforts and still did not find it? Do you want to learn from one of the […]

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28 Dec

How well you Define your Target Audience determines HALF the success!

Curious to know how to define your Target Audience? WELL, we too are excited to know how to define the Target Audience. OK, so why is this excitement. How does it answer all our questions. If you have guessed it right from my previous blog, then YES we are talking about the Disruption that is […]

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22 Dec

DigitalDeepak DISRUPTS the way of learning Digital Marketing!

YES! You read it right. Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju, CEO and Co-founder of PixelTrack Digital and proud owner of world’s largest digital marketing community and through his brand DigitalDeepak.com has evolved as best digital marketer and blogger in this decade has announced an unique Digital marketing internship program. He is also a Digital marketing mentor. Digital […]

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This blog site is basically about sharing knowledge about various areas of Digital Marketing. This would benefit the people who would like to gain more knowledge on this space. As there is a better engagement and turnaround through practical Internship program, we help you route towards that space.

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